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Dev Roundup, April 2023

My collection of new, interesting, useful, and trending content for software developers. In the April 2023 edition we look at the Vercel Image Gallery starter, a debugging story, some new tool and feature releases, and plenty of design inspiration.

Noah MatsellApril 30, 2023
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For the April 2023 edition we look at the Vercel Image Gallery starter, a debugging story, some new tool and feature releases, and plenty of design inspiration.

Around the Web 🕷

Image Gallery Starter – Vercel

This starter is perfect if you're looking to build a lightning fast image gallery with Next.js. The gallery (Live demo here) renders large galleries quickly and provides full size previews on gallery item click.

Making Tanstack Table 1000x faster with a 1 line change

This is a highly detailed play by play that shows how JP Camara was able to solve performance issues with Tanstack Table's grouping feature. It's a wonderful insight into their debugging approach. Spoiler: the culprit was a harmless looking array spread operation.

Animated Tabs

I'm a sucker for subtle yet effective UI animations. These animated tabs, built using Tailwind and Framer Motion, make using tabs beautiful and satisfying.

Some Fave Tweets 🐦

Not only is this tool super handy, it will no doubt teach you a thing or two about CSS gradients.

Adam Argyle avatar
Adam Argyle @argyleink
Announcing… 🥁

CSS HD Gradients

A modern #CSS gradient and color picking tool for next-gen gradients:

  • explore color spaces
  • export modern and classic CSS
  • explore gradient features
  • share them
  • learn rad tips & tricks

Chrome and Safari only (but not for long!)

Tweet media

Get inspired by the websites in this thread. I personally had a blast going through the MrBeast shop. Though I did need to give my eyeballs a break after a few minutes.

Felix Lee avatar
Felix Lee @felixleezd
Most beautifully designed websites!

I found mind-blowing websites that stunned the internet this week.

Here are 12 beautifully designed websites and why (genius):

Tweet media

Some very nice features were added to Vercel Analytics this month. Detailed, first-party page views, traffic analytics, and now custom events mean that this is now a top contender for analytics on your sites.

Vercel avatar
Vercel @vercel
Web Analytics: Privacy-friendly, first-party traffic insights.

◆ View top pages, referrers, user demographics, and more ◆ Track custom events to measure user actions ◆ Works with any frontend framework or <script>

Now generally available on Vercel.

If you're a Prisma user, I can see this tool making its way into your workflow.

Ryan Chenkie avatar
Ryan Chenkie @ryanchenkie
🆕 Introducing PrismaGPT, a query helper built on GPT-4 🎉
  • Drop in your @prisma schema
  • Ask for what you want
  • Get back a Prisma Client query and raw SQL

Great for when you know what you need but aren't quite sure how to construct the query 👍

PrismaGPT | How To Prisma

Tweet media

Stripe has long been a leader in design. Their new Sessions page is no exception. This thread breaks down some of the key elements that make this page so nice.

Anthony Hobday avatar
Anthony Hobday @hobdaydesign
The @stripe sessions website goes hard. It demonstrates the lengths Stripe is willing to go to when it comes to web design. Here are the details that catch my eye.

I'll get the small details out of the way first, before I spend far too long on colour, which is the star here.

Tweet media

More design inspiration from the new website.

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