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Dev Roundup, Jan 2023 Part 2

My collection of new, interesting, useful, and trending content for software developers. The Jan 2023 Part 2 edition features React Wrap Balancer, the Golden Kitty Awards, a Shader Gradient app, a mind-blowing secret, and more.

Noah MatsellJanuary 31, 2023
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Around the Web 🕷

This edition features React Wrap Balancer, the Golden Kitty Awards, a Shader Gradient app, and more. Let's dive in!

Improving readability with React Wrap Balancer

This is a deep dive into React Wrap Balancer and the problem it solves. I use React Wrap Balancer on this blog to keep titles visually balanced.

Hall of Fame - Golden Kitty Awards Winners

Browse 2022's top Product Hunt products. See the winners in categories like productivity, AI, Design, SaaS and more. This is a great way to discover new and exciting products.

A Tailwind Animated Loading Skeleton

A nice animated loading effected for a card component using TailwindCSS only.

Shader Gradient, A Generator App

An that showcases beautiful animated, textured gradients. Build your own for Framer, support coming to Figma and React soon.

Some Fave Tweets 🐦

This thread is packed with valuable resources for any developer looking to dive deep on the craft and philosophy of software development.

Thiago Ghisi avatar
Thiago Ghisi @thiagoghisi
I've read thousands of articles over the last 20 years in Tech.

Agile, Career, Distributed Systems, Engineering Management, Metrics, Programming, Testing, Types...

Below are The 22 Articles that Impacted my Career the most ➕ my main highlights from each one.


I'm going to reference this tweet any time I have to build a new component library and/or design system.

Dmitry Belyaev avatar
Dmitry Belyaev @blvdmitry
Working on the content update for the design system checklist content. Starting with reviewing the most common components we cover there. Would you add anything to this list that you think can be found in majority of the systems?
Tweet media

A really interesting way to visualize discovery work in software development. Based on Ryan Singer's tweet about defining discovery work as "prototyping" instead of "iterating".

Des Traynor avatar
Des Traynor @destraynor
Ryan's thread overlaps with and reminds me of Bill Buxton's point about the difference in skills/approaches needed between "getting the right design, and getting the design right"
Tweet media

My life before knowing this trick has been a lie. Truly mind-blowing.

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