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Dev Roundup, Mar 2023 Part 1

My collection of new, interesting, useful, and trending content for software developers. The Mar 2023 Part 1 edition.

Noah MatsellMarch 15, 2023
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Around the Web 🕷

Some simple ways to make content look good

Announcing TypeScript 5.0

Some Fave Tweets 🐦

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React @reactjs
Today, we’re thrilled to launch , the new home for React and its documentation. It teaches modern React with function components and Hooks, and we’ve included diagrams, illustrations, challenges, and over 600 interactive examples. Check it out!

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Sid Palas @sidpalas
This is a valid Dockerfile for a NodeJS application. It is also a pile of 💩!

We can improve:

  • 🔒 Security
  • 🏎️ Build speed
  • 👁️ Clarity

Follow along as we go from 💩 to 🥇!

(code in alt text)

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Zach Gollwitzer avatar
Zach Gollwitzer @zg_dev
Since Zod seems to be all the rage right now, wanted to share a pattern that I've really enjoyed using.

Just create env.ts at the base of your app and validate all your environment variables with Zod!

It's basically env.local.example on steroids

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Cory House avatar
Cory House @housecor
Problem: You’re using TypeScript and you don’t want to manually define types for each REST endpoint response.

Solution: quicktype.

Paste JSON into quicktype, and it generates a TypeScript type. 🔥

Quicktype supports many other languages too.

Instantly parse JSON in any language | quicktype

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