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Dev Roundup, Mar 2024

My collection of new, interesting, useful, and trending content for software developers. The March 2024 edition delves into JavaScript and TypeScript performance optimization, explores an eye-catching UI library, and much more!

Noah MatsellApril 1, 2024
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Around the Web 🕷

Aceternity UI

My colleague José shared this UI library with me, and it's really something else. It breaks the mold for UI libraries by providing components that are flashy, animated, and sometimes over the top interactions. Whatever your opinion may be on some of these effects, this library is undeniably eye-catching.

Optimizing Javascript for fun and for profit

If you're a Javascript developer with any interest in performance optimization, this post is a goldmine. It details 13 common performance pitfalls, and includes optimizations with runnable examples for support.

Grid Item Reveal Animation on Hover | Codrops

My company Metalab recently underwent a gorgeous website and brand overhaul. The website animations make quite a statement, so much so that developers are already creating tutorials to achieve similar effects. Take a look at the real deal here, and learn how to build something similar below.

Onest + Cal Sans Fonts

A couple geometric sans serif fonts I've been loving lately.

This Pattern Will Wreck Your React App's TS Performance

I've seen this pattern in the wild and not thought much about it. As a bit of a spoiler, it turns out interface extends is generally faster than &. See the details in Matt Pocock's post below.

Some Fave Tweets 🐦

This shows a seemingly complex animation being broken down into discrete and straightforward(ish) steps. A really nicely illustrated look into an effective problem solving approach -- plus I'm a sucker for pixel art.

This website uses a single font-size throughout, and it looks so dang nice!

@j3yy with another display of UI wizardry. This time making an absolutely delightful input with controls. Full codepen here

This is a good reminder of how much can be accomplished by just using the platform™.

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